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How To Hide Bangs: Nice, Simple, And Neat

As the weather warms up and days get longer, more and more women are choosing to wear their hair in bangs. But sometimes, whether it’s for work or a special occasion, you may want to hide your bangs. Here are three simple ways to do just that.

The most straightforward methods to remove bangs from the face

Fix with styling products

One of the easiest ways to disguise bangs is with the help of styling products. Try using a pomade or gel to slick them back away from the face, or use a volumizing spray or mousse to create an updo that will keep them hidden.

Wear a headband

If you don’t want to use any products in your hair, another option is to wear a headband. It will keep your bangs out of your face and add some style to your look. But, again, you can choose a simple, slim headband or go for something more decorative.

ways to disguise bangs

A hairstyle that covers the forehead

Another way to hide bangs is to choose a hairstyle that covers the forehead. It could be anything from a classic bun to a more modern messy updo. If you have long hair, you could also try wearing it down with some soft waves or curls.

Hair hoop

If you have short hair, one of the best ways to disguise bangs is with a hair hoop. It will keep them off your face and add extra style to your look. You can find hoops in all different sizes, so choose one that’s right for your hair length.

How to remove bangs beautifully and unusually

Side braid

One of the most popular ways to wear your hair when you have bangs is in a side braid. It’s a simple yet stylish look that will keep your hair out of your face. Just gather all of your hair to one side and start braiding it. You can make the braid as tight or loose as you like and add some decorative elements like beads or flowers.


Another easy and elegant way to wear your hair when you have bangs is in a bun. Just pull all of your hair back and twist it into a bun. You can make it as tight or loose as you want and add accessories like a ribbon or a barrette.


Try flagella if you’re looking for a more creative way to wear your hair with bangs. It’s a style that involves braiding your hair into long, thin strands and then wrapping them around your head. It’s a bit more time-consuming than the other styles, but it’s worth it.

These are just a few ideas for how to hide bangs. So when you need to have a more polished look, don’t worry. There are plenty of options. If you want to know more about how to hide bangs, you can find more information here. Whatever method you choose, practice beforehand so you know how to do it quickly and easily. And don’t forget to have fun with it! There are no rules when it comes to hair, so experiment and find what works best for you.